Install or Update Halo 4 for Windows



Halo 4 for Windows Installation

  1. To use Halo 4 for Windows you will need a valid Halo 4 license key. It should have been emailed to you. If you have a Halo 4 license key, click the link below and download the installation file to your computer desktop.
  2. Download the Windows installation: halo4setup.exe (38 megabytes)
  3. After the download is complete, run halo4setup.exe to install (or update) Halo 4
  4. If you get a system or anti-virus message questioning the safety of this setup file, you can safely ignore it and install regardless.

What's New In Version 4.1.1 (May 17, 2018)

  • AA changed one of the access points for Travel Planner. This fixes that.

What's New In Version 4.1.0 (January 18, 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes

What's New In Version 4.0.9 (November 18, 2017)

  • Once again, AA changed some of the logon protocols. Once again, it is fixed.


What's New In Version 4.0.8 (November 12, 2017)

  • In yet another attempt at improvement, AA changed some logon authentication protocols. This version supports the new methods.
  • This version returns access to Travel Planner back to the built-in browser.


What's New In Version 4.0.7 (September 18, 2017)

  • AA once again changed a logon protocol, which affected some connections not to authenticate. This is fixed.
  • Recycle Password was failing because AA's change to logon protocol. This is fixed.

What's New In Version 4.0.6 (June 21, 2017)

  • AA has blocked our "by-pass Jetnet" to logon to Travel Planner. This only affects when you are directly interacting with Travel Planner. The work around is to launch your default web browser to Jetnet for any direct Travel Planner actions.
  • Gofers and Advance Check-In were unaffected

What's New In Version 4.0.5 (May 17, 2017)

  • Better support for very small screen resolution (vertical)
  • Minor bug fixes

What's New In Version 4.0.4 (May 12, 2017)

  • Minor bug fixes

What's New In Version 4.0.3 (May 7, 2017)

  • Minor update to add support for smaller Windows screens.

What's New In Version 4.0.2 (May 5, 2017)

  • Fixed a nasty HTML rendering bug that was causing the occassional Travel Planner logon errors
  • In Halo's Preferences, added information for the last date Recycle Password was used. Try and use Recycle Password every month or so. Never wait until you are getting close to the 90 expiration date that AA mandates for passwords.

What's New In Version 4.0.1 (May 2, 2017)

  • Minor bug fix



Help and Technical Support

If you need technical support you can contact SafiSoft directly at Be sure to include "Halo 4 for Windows" in the email subject line, as well as your installed version number as listed in the main Help, About Halo menu.



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Halo for Windows current version 4.1.1 (5/17/2018)